The PreK-3rd Grade National Work Group

The PreK-3rd Grade National Work Group seeks to promote high-quality learning experiences for children from prekindergarten through third grade.

We are committed to building knowledge and understanding of effective PreK-3rd policy and practice, with an emphasis on instruction and engagement in learning. This requires creating an aligned and high-quality system of early learning across early childhood and elementary education, which is critical to establishing a strong foundation for life-long learning. While our primary focus is on education and learning from ages 3 to 8, we recognize that children need high quality opportunities to learn beginning at birth and continuing through post-secondary education.

Upcoming Webinar: In this webinar, join instructors and teacher-participants from Erikson Institute's Early Math Collaborative, a program dedicated to the excellent teaching of mathematics during the early childhood and early elementary years. Webinar participants will be introduced to concepts and activities that contribute to developing strong number sense in children from PreK to 3rd grade, allowing them to make sense of mathematics and enjoy it. Number sense begins before preschool, and appropriate educational experiences can help children to build on this foundation so that they become flexible, automatic and fluid with numbers in order to solve problems with efficiency and real understanding. All children can and should attain this level of competence in mathematics, but to enable this, PreK to 3rd grade teaching must shift from the current norms. Through examples, participants will consider big ideas and strategies that young children need to explore on their journey of learning about numbers, the number system, and number operations. Participants will hear from early childhood and elementary teachers who are working to develop strong number sense in their students.

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Previous Content: In 2012 and early 2013, the Work Group hosted a free eight-part webinar series entitled Reducing the Achievement Gap by 4th Grade: The PreK-3rd Approach in Action. The last of these webinars, Scale and Sustainability: Implications for State and District Policy, was held on January 30, 2013.  For more information on the previous webinars, including presentation slides and video, see our events page. 

In June 2013, we published a four-page highlights document (see image to the left) that explains the series in greater detail. To download the PDF, click here